Snow in Vegas

I wish I was there.

Yeah, like you’d tear yourself away from the poker table to go see the snow, I think not :mrgreen:



My son is on his second day returning from a business meeting in FL , he just called and said he’s boarding a flight out of Phoenix for Vegas . . . we don’t get snow here either, but we’ve been hit just like Vegas, we have about 3" on the ground (I’m about 90 minutes NE of Vegas by freeway) . . . strange weather . . . can we blame it on the economy?

Global Warming. :wink:

Rats . . . wanted something else blamed on the economy.

Hi Michael,

I used to live in Ogden. Utah is a beautiful state.

Was just thinking . . . if we have 3" of snow, hate to think what Ogden got hit with? . . . haven’t looked at the weather map, maybe the storm just passed them over, but Utah is a beautiful state, I’m about 90 minutes away from Zion’s National Park, 2-3 hours from Bryce Canyon, and about 2 hours from the north Rim of the Grand Canyon . . . but you know when it gets cold here in the winter and hot in the summer, I think of all the beautiful beeches in FL