Snow on flat roof

How do you deal with snow on the roof for commercial inspections? 22,000 sq ft flat roof warehouse. There is going to be snow on that roof till late April.

Well, short of shoveling it, disclaim it and offer to re-inspect the roof when the snow is gone

Definitely offer the re-inspect, that’s a big component for any business. It may not help the client though if you’re inspecting for a purchase. Tell them to buy property in the spring. :slight_smile:

**Due to snow cover the exterior horizontal surfaces will be limited to what we can see. For instance the shingles or the grading may not be fully visible. Due to this, it is impossible to predict what will be or not be inspected on the exterior. Any uninspected or limited views will be detailed in the Inspection report. **
You may wish to have these areas re-inspected in the spring once the snow has melted. An additional cost will be applied for any areas to be re-inspected.

This is in my Pre Inspection agreement for the winter months on homes or commercial building.

(This is close to what we had except)
If special trip is involved an additional cost if inspected at my convenience no charge…
( example next time in the area )
We seldom where called for spring roof inspection so it was a win win for us.