Snowman for RR & J. Pope

I know this has nothing to do with home inspections but with XMAS coming on I’m feeling bad for the Ca. and FLA boys that can not build a snowman. Made me think back when I was a pup going to refrig school we had to build a snowman in 100 degree weather and sit it on the sidewalk in front of the school as a project. Made 3 coils of copper in the shape of a snowman added Capillary tubes as various points for the coils of the evap. Had a 2 horse compressor and condenser remote back in the building using R502 (low temp) and operated this unit until it made 3 perfect balls of ice. Installed a hat and eyes thus a snowman in July:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :slight_smile: Just have a hard time shipping.</IMG></IMG></IMG>

My snowman always winds up getting all wet when Ms Margarita and Dr Cuervo come to visit.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I live here so I don’t have to deal with snow! Besides, I am an hour’s drive away from 5,000 ft mountains with plenty of the white stuff, and go up there to get my fix a few times each winter.

Charlie, you wouldn’t have a picture of that contraption around, would you?

Sorry David No Pic I stated that we built it when I was a pup back before cameras:)

The last time I made a snowman, my dog pee’d on it and it died :frowning:

I never want to feel that heartache again. . .

Yea, we built some strange stuff too, but no photos! :frowning:

The last time I saw a snowman in California someone had added obscene appendages.

Here’s one a fellow inspector found.

WOW! I have seen some good ones but that has to be the Champion . Thanks for the chuckle .


Barry, there should be “incredible pictures of the year” award, and you’d win hands-down.

Barry that must truly be a heat pump with the defrost cycle not working. In all of my years I do not believe that* have seen that high of an ice level.*

That’s ice? I thought it was an insulating blanket - WOW!