So I met the only other inspector in my new town

And all I can say is wow! I have been meaning to try to meet up with this man just to talk shop. I saw him sitting on the roadside talking on his phone so I pulled over and when he was finished I walked up and introduced myself. I started by saying that I had just moved into town and was in the same business as him. He replied Good…good for you. I asked how things were he replied Slow. I asked him about prices and told him that I’d like to stay in the same ballpark and if anything maybe the high priced guy in town. He said he didn’t feel comfortable talking prices with his competition so I reminded him that I was planning on being higher than him and had no interest in lowballing him. I asked again what he would charge for a 2000 sqft slab on grade with a two car garage. He asked on a slab Huh? Yup says I and he comes back with…get this…are you ready…$225.00. I say to him that prices are way lower here than in ATX…he says it’s because of all of the competition we have in ATX driving the prices UP. Needless to say I will not be in the same ballpark as him. Meeting him gave me new marketing plans. He has NO web presence so I know that will be no hurdle. I plan on marketing my great reports and professional attitude as a way to make the agents in this area look good. That and a good web presence should in itself make me stand out, adding some future services should clinch the deal.

Smooth move good for you.
I expect you will cause him to raise his prices .
That way every one wins

George, Good luck competing out in the boonies. There’s a reason that there’s only one inspector in town you know.:wink:

I am also in a small town and it is a different game as everyone knows everyone, fortunately I lived here for a time proper to starting the inspection business. I enjoy the small town and work to make things happen for me, This requires marketing marketing marketing and keeping my face in the middle of what is going on in town. Know you, Like you, Trust you. Use you. Also you need to go to every other small town around and market, lots of miles but less traffick. Possibly not the quantity of work you want, I only want one a day and still haven’t hit that mark. I have friends in Evant which also has a real estate office you should visit- Ill give you a call

Yea John I do realize that. Fortunately as Gary mentioned there are several small towns in a close radius and most of them have no inspector at all. I plan on marketing to them all. Thanks for the input fellers!