So.....Minnesota's probably not hurting for inspection are they?

I made an account here to ask about potentially becoming a home inspector and wanted to know if the fact that you don’t have to be licensed in Minnesota to become a inspector. However there seems to be a large amount of inspectors here, I could imagine if a more populated state like California or Texas had the majority but Minnesota?

What are your thoughts am I living in the wrong state for this?

I would think the most populated areas would be easier to grow an inspection business.

Its not how many inspectors, it’s about inspectors who can earn business. Minnesota is a good place to be an inspector. No license required at this time.

Sure why not I have changed out my kitchen sink P-trap I should be able to become a home inspector:twisted:

That was just a statement, not an endorsement.

I had been a licensed contractor fo 30 years and I didn’t care one way or another. I don’t see how licensing helps since there is very little enforcement.

That may be true for you, who is located in a fringe suburb of the largest metro area (ref: population) in the state (Twin Cities- Minnespolis/St.Paul), but for those an hour outside of these areas, it is a constant battle for work. It’s one thing to compete with inspectors in high population areas, but an entirely different thing when one is forced to compete with the same inspectors from the cities that advertise to cover your local 25K population rural town. Try dealing with literally 27 (known) inspectors in your 25K town and surrounding area! Because of this, I consistantly work outside of my primary service area, frequently 1 to 2 hours away, one way. (Yesterday… 45 minutes West… the day before… 50 minutes East).

This is one reason why I don’t share my *modus operandi *on the MB anymore. Too many unique things that I do have been copied and are no longer unique. Most all are now considered “Top Secret” and only available to paying clients.

My advice to anyone looking to inspect in rural America… Don’t… unless you are 100 miles away from a large metro area. You would be better served moving to said metro area if you wish to succeed with less headaches.


If there are enough education requirements required it prevents the wanta bees from deciding to enter the field. They only want handouts with no work required.

I have no problem with a newbie acquiring the proper education and jumping right in and competing with me and I do live in a rural area. 25K population puts me traveling most of the time. I traveled two hours one way yesterday

I have no problem with new guys either. I was a new guy for a few professions and just kept getting educated. Still getting educated having been the teacher as well as the student.

May I be honest with you without you taking it personally? You won’t make it as a home inspector. Just trust me on this one.

Free markets find equilibrium between supply and demand. There are about as many coffee shops and grocery stores and home inspectors as needed to supply consumers with coffee and groceries and home inspections. Good companies succeed. Bad companies fail.

If you are the type who needs to rely on some freak time in history where demand for something is temporarily stronger than supply, as the only way to succeed… you won’t.

Be the best and you won’t have to worry about the rest.

What Nick said is very true. Super rural, (Nick can attest to that!), super low turnover of homes (been in families for 100+ years in about 60% of the cases), and yet, with only talking to 5 realtors in a 125 mile radius, I stay as busy as I want. Plenty of inspectors in the town 45 minutes north of me (100,000+ population), but I KNOW the ins and outs of the area, and make sure to drop a part of that knowledge on folks when they call. That gets me the calls I need.

Thank you everyone I appreciate your honesty