So NM Cable is NOT used in Chicago... Joe

Hey Joe Tedesco,

Remember I said that NM “Romex” is not allowed in Chicago… Check this picture out… My local (inside Chicago) home supply big box store… Took this with the Camera phone… I find it amazing that in this city you are not allowed to used certain products, materials but yet it is sold in the city…hmmm Does that make sense? :wink: Can’t buy spray paint in a can in the city but the surrounding suburbs sell it…
The gang members just buy it in bulk in the suburbs to tag buildings…


It is still permitted to be installed for temporary installations.

Maybe that wiring method is used in areas surrounding Chicago? Are there any new homes being built in areas that may allow it to be used?

The NEC has lightened up a bit on where the NM-B cables are allowed.

In my area its been allowed to be installed in each unit of any apartment or condo building for many years.

My kitchen and bathroom were just remodeled and the Romex is still there with some new circuits to the microwave, etc.


The still sell fireworks in the city too.

This is because people go to Indiana (where the sale of fireworks is OK, but the USE of fireworks is prohibited. Go figure), buy the stuff and sell it to convience store owners who don’t know any better.

People have a tendency to believe what they want. “If they sell the stuff, then it must be OK to use. Right?”

They still sell plastic flex drain P traps. Does that make them OK?

Never underestimate the gullabilty of people. They just want what the want.

Yep Will,
Completely agree with you…
I have to travel to your neighborhood to buy my spray paint so I can “advertise”…:wink: :D:D:D

You see all those plastic clothes dryer flamable flex tubes… I was looking over the huge pile of them when a home owner came next to me to look for one … I told the guy …FORGET this stuff… It’s not allowed in this city / fire hazard… Go with smooth metal pipe / ducting with no screws… Then I said check your owners manual if you don’t believe me… Then I told him I am a home inspector… He was interested in what I had to say.:wink:

Does the State of Illinois allow NM-B cable to be used at all?

If so, where is the closet town near Chicago, and are there any majpr projects under construction?

Yep Joe,
Here is a picture of my friends new house in northern Illinois. (Far from the city of Chicago)
With so many local jurisdictions in this area, it can be overwhelming just trying to keep up on who is using / allowing various products and methods with such a huge range of home products, equipment and materials. :-K