So... we're gonna let our women do our fighting for us now?

Out of respect for women, maybe I should convert to Islam. Unbelievable.

Equal is equal. Equal qualifications, equal ability, equal desire should mean equal opportunity, so long as the standards remain equal.

Would I want my daughter to be in combat? No. But she would not meet the standard for a combat soldier, nor would she have the desire. That doesn’t mean that those who have the ability and desire should be denied the opportunity.

It’s not as if women have never fought in combat roles or have not been effective at it. or that women don’t get killed or wounded in the U.S. Armed forces today

They fight our fires and protect our streets now. If they can meet the standards and have the desire and motivation to serve why would you have an issue with a woman who wants to fight?

Agree 100%

She was fatally shot at age 20 after being sanctioned for willfully going to the front line without permission. At least she died honorably (fighting a foreign occupation).

Next step? Required registration with the Selective Service.

Exactly. That’s coming next… 18-year old high school cheerleaders getting notices that they’re being shipped out to the front line of some invasion. I’m glad to be old enough to remember when men where men.

If you want to volunteer to to serve for your country, thats ok, as long as you qualify the same as the men do. To be able to serve and possibly die for your country is considered Honorable. But you need to consider that there are many things worst than dieing in combat. Death is the end of suffering , torture can last forever. Women will not be treated the same as men as pow’s.

Why not we need a break ! Just kidding, to each his own.

           18th Field Artillery VII Corps

it will employ a billion more lawyers for all the sexual harassment suits. Do you expect a horny young man to behave himself on the front lines when he likely wont live to go home again?

They don’t now Robert. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I think that if a woman wants that role then she should have it. I have served with some women that I would love to have in the foxhole with me because they were strong and willing.

I have a problem though with some of the job titles in the military that put both men and women in rank, MOS, and physical standards that are not equal.

Before some of you idiots respond to this let me say that I am not a push up guy. While in the Army I could run the 2 mile at 11.05 and do 70 Situps. I struggled at pushups and had hard times passing that part but my female partner could not change a 5 ton truck tire due not being able to lift it. Go figure.

Hopefully I did not just start a war with this but I think that if your are drawing a paycheck from the military you should do all jobs…Combat or Desk!!!

Oh…By the way…Thank you to those that have served and are still serving our great nation.

Remember, nations survive with the help of Allies.
As we are not just men and women, we as people are nations of color, race, and creed and in an ever shrinking world.

Be it transportation, internet, telecommunications or commerce, we are all now seeing the world as our neighbour.

Most are united with a common front for piece, harmony and combined humanity. Let us never cross over into the past with segregation as a mindset and start dividing us up as men or women again.

From your lips to g-d’s ear, time to being back the draft with zero exemptions… Everyone must serve… if that strategy was combined with President Obama’s open immigration policy we would see a vast slowdown in American foreign aggression.

Hell no, we won’t go!

Good post Joe. Our servicemen shouldn’t be “going” anywhere. We’re supposed to be defending our country… here, not guarding innocent children in some secret P.O.W. camp or invading goat-herding countries on the other side of the world with 70,000 troops and billion dollar sissy suicide drones. And now the next time we invade a sovereign nation, we’re going to have high school cheerleaders on the front line? I wonder what Patton would think.

They can have babies, SO they probably would surpass many men in torture . Same qualifications same duties . Besides i have seen some Women i wouldn’t want to meet with a gun in their hand .

Follow up…

Push for all younger women to register with Selective Service gaining steam](

Days after the Pentagon cleared women to take certain combat roles, advocacy groups for military women say another new hour has arrived for all young female adults to register with Selective Service, the giant pool of names collected by the government should America ever opt to revive the draft.

The movement to require women ages 18 to 25 to sign up for Selective Service — mirroring the law for all U.S. men in that demographic — is rooted in both active-duty and veteran circles.

The Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN), which strives to represent all women in the armed forces, believes such a change is simply the logical next step to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s decision last week to erase the long prohibition on females in combat.

I was an Army Recruiter for 6 years and I had many ladies come in my office wanting to join and be infantry, tankers, Scouts, Combat engineers, and they just wanted to do the same jobs as a man and fight.
If they qualify to do these jobs then so be it, let them do it.

Explain Joe.
I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you.

  1. How would your immigration policy speech for Obama been laid out?
  2. What would you emphasize?
  3. How would that slow down foreign aggression?

From a curious Canadian and one of your biggest trading partners.