So... we're gonna let our women do our fighting for us now?

I believe that foreigners in general are most likely coming to America to live free & seek their fortune. Furthermore, I find it doubtful those coming from outside America would be keen to engage themselves in one of our immoral invasions of other sovereign nations.

We have ladies in our servce .We have lady plumbers ,truck drivers ,all different types of construction .
We also need more construction workers in Canada big time .
Canada great country ,Canadian’s live longer them most other countries in the world.

Thanks Joe. I did not look at your opinion in that light.
Good points.

Remember, America as well as Canada are counties made up of fleeing immigrants.

Now more than ever many hardships have swollen them masses numbers.
Easier passage allows them an easier route to seek their fortunes.
I mostly see individuals fleeing hardship wanting a better life for the offspring. Most care little for themselves and do sacrifice for the next generation.
most working at jobs Canadians do not wish to do.
Thanks Joe.

What percentage of immigrants receive some form of taxpayer assistance upon arrival or shortly after?

I never will understand that thinking Michel.
Go after the rich to pay THEIR FAR SHARE:-)

Just to stat one more FACT.
If the system is broken, do not blame the people that know how to use it.
In counties run by dictatorships or military governments citizen use every means at their disposal to get bread to eat and doctors care for their families.
When they come here they laugh at the ease of government hand outs. Yes it is fact.

I tell those that complain to become a politician. Change it instead of complaining.

I have never seen or worked with people willing to work harder in my life than the immigrants I have come to know.

If you want to sponsor immigrants with your personal resources, I’m all for it.

But putting a gun to the head of others for your project is theft.

Another fine statement from passionate Michael. what is the percentage of assistance to immigrants moving to the United States Michael, I’m sure that you have that statistic right- handy. please share with us. Perhaps I have something coming to me. lol

You say you are not a liberal but it’s always easier to be compassionate with others peoples hard earned money, isn’t it?

Let’s just open the doors.

What do you suppose will happen?

As usual you alluded my question what is the percentage handed out to immigrants. please answer with some silly graphed you have found or article from a right-wing webpage. but please answer the question without another question:shock:

I didn’t “allude” anything.:roll:

I asked the question first and am still waiting for the answer,

You asked Robert not me I in turned asked what was the percentage directly at you Mr so informed one. so you don’t have a graph diplicating the results do you , Google must me slow today. Because Robert lives in Canada would you want the Canada answer or the American answer. I know you skating . But just in Case i missed some of these hand outs you saying they all get Please share the information. (Waiting for the slip and slide statement now)lolol

I have not looked but you are welcome to.

No i wait for you answer ( which will never come) just Hot air blowing I am surprised you even get snow up there.

Because I have no intention of looking.

Is your google broken or you just don’t know how to find it yourself?

Whats Google lol

Wayne, Michel eludes life’s simplest questions by avoiding a thorough unbiased review.
Its is not about liberal or conservative thinking.
Separate politics and religion completely and put that off to the side.

Start to think of the human beings caught in the never-ending crossroads of trying find a better place to call home and more than willing to work to belong.
while they are here Gee who is paying them that under the table money to work. Hmmmm.

So it nether left or right, women and men.
Maybe that will be more palatable if you start to think of them as human beings…

You live in a very Socialist country.

Do you understand the concept of limited resources or the freedom to keep what one has earned?

The need will always far outstrip the demand.

What are the limits?

So you see it really is left right issue.

And please read the truthful quotes in my sig line. Especially the first one.

I never minded being shot at… it was being shot that rattled me. I still have the hole in my leg. I really don’t think combat is any place for a woman… and certainly not for a drafted high school girl. Call me a sexist if you will, but I treat women like women and find that women like it. I have hot women blowin’ up my phone 24/7 and it isn’t because of my handsome face, my Maserati, or my 6-pack abs… 'cause I don’t have any of those.

I am at a total loss one this one. Yes, men and women do serve professionally in many roles in the service of our country. However, it is obvious there exist some form of control and oversight when it comes to how they interact. Imagine this scenario, man and woman in trench, woman has to answer nature, man will certainly watch, man gets excited and nature takes control, enemy slips up and kills both of them. And any person who thinks this could or would not play out is either totally clueless or in complete denial. Sexual desire is the single most powerful force in nature, period. It is impossible to gauge how this will play out in real combat, but it will not be good.

There were some bad *** girls that I served with and some punk *** guys I’d never want to fight beside. As long as they don’t lower any standards or requirements, I am interested to see how this plays out. It’s really the only way to know for sure.