SO, what alphabet letter trap is this?

“But the cleaning stuff won’t fit if you do it that way…”
“Yes Dear…”


Same house, I spent an hour chasing this down. I felt the need to know. At first I thought it was the window. Turned out to be the tub overflow pipe or gasket. It would leak and seep under the sill plate. It never revealed itself inside the bathroom, it went straight to this location.

Maybe this will help someone in the future. Never know. This is the second plumbing issue I found this week that revealed itself outside.


Like many things don’t I see much of up here are slab foundations. Good eye and something to look for if I do come across one.

Excellent work! That is a problem that only happens when the occupant fills the tub too high and the water breaks the overflow seal.

Take an overflow “ clean out “ cover off some time and look at how it has a poor sealed. The gasket can not possibly seal against every tub angle. Often there are extra holes in the overflow for different styles of cover plates. If the installer doesn’t seal these holes and use silicone on the gasket a leak will result.

Need to remember this is an emergency overflow or clean out, however it should be water tight.

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She was very pregnant. I have a feeling that tub is her sanctuary.

This glimmer caught my eye (aside from the staining which was not typical moisture wicking. Wicking starts from the bottom up) You can see it seeping and lying on that little ledge.

Here is the other one I found. Water seeping from behind the lap siding. Turns out the hose bib was leaking inside the wall. Moisture hits with a meter inside as well.

Just a couple of case studies. Water is a bad bad thing.

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Years ago I was called in to repair the plumbing in a home where the occupants went to Chinese New Year in September and came home in January. They left the AC on and this was in Chicago. The neighbor noticed a waterfall coming out of the front door after a two week freeze and thaw.

I never realized how destructive a 3/4” waterline could be under full city pressure for days. I’ll never forget the condition of that home or the power of water.

Two 2” ejector pumps in the basement kept up with the water coming down from the second and first floor. It was total devastation for three floors.

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Wow. I have seen what a disconnected ice maker water line can do just after a few hours. I couldn’t image what that was like.

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This is the million dollar question… venting is one of the areas of a house that I feel most lacking in being able to inspect because most of it is in the walls or under insulation in the attic. I try to always stop for a bit after turning everything off and really listen for the “gurgle” that often indicates venting problems but it’s a tough one.

Sometimes (probably most times) we don’t mimic the exact sequence to find the problem. I gave a fee back once years ago for this exact issue and it still pisses me off. The buyer had to have his wife run the sink upstairs before you could hear the problem downstairs!!

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PP Trap??:


J Trap??:

LP Trap??:

Meanwhile, back in Florida


Wow, that’s a beauty. LOL

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P-trap. Unless the s-trap has been re-defined.

But wait, there’s more! From today’s inspection:

This is the only damn trap I need!


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