'So you want to waterproof your basement'

…“Here’s ALL the information you need to choose the best solution for your basement”. Nonsense!

A few notes FER now…
–Exterior remedies… ‘Timing is essential, schedule your contractor during a relatively dry season or you could end up with a trench full of water’…

Huh? loolll Dry season? Dry doesn’t mean green-light go. Dry season to us means rock hard clay, pfft.

A trench full of water? Huh? hahahahaaaa What are you talking about? Are you digging in the middle of Lake St Clair or someTIN? C’’'mon!

“Here’s ALL the information you need”… hardly!!

She says, ‘Drain tile requires the installation of a sump pit’… huh?
Have never installed one stinking sump pump in 37 years. Drain tile requires a sump pit huh? Okie dokie, another expert with supposed expert solutions.

She says, 'When drain tile is being installed, take the time to repair etc the exterior walls…roll brush or spray on a sealant"…

Huh? Repair/seal the exterior walls while drain tile is being installed… like it’s a secondary thing. And roll on, spray on some bs sealant? That’s damproofing. And don’t see a word about backfilling with most-all gravel.
“ALL the information you need”…huh?

She says EXPENSIVE project…upwards of $10,000… hmmmmmmmm.
Versus what, an interior water diverting system where most charge $10,000++
Come on~!

Then the supposed interior remedies.
Not a word on MOLD or radon gas, nope. If you don’t stop the water then you won’t stop/prevent mold behind any of the stupid plastic panels or other crap they place against the interior foundation walls.
If an interior basement drainage system was installed at this house or many others and those bimbos placed plastic panels or dimpled membrane against the walls, how the hlll would that stop//prevent MOLD?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HALcgt9ho2M Most of the mold and efflorescence etc exists because water etc is coming THROUGH the wall! The plastic panels or dimpled membrane they place against the walls doesn’t stop anything! Let’s say they cleaned up the mold and most of the efflorescence before placing the panels of membrane against the wall… fine, wonderful but… water and salts would continue to enter, pass through the dumb wall! So mold and efflorescence will come back because interior systems don’t ‘stop’ water etc from entering!! They don’t repair/waterproof the exterior cracks in block, brick walls or the cracked parging or other openings just below or above grade.

No mention of COST. She said exterior was… expensive… what do you think these interior bubbleheads want?
As much and often more!!! C’’’’’'mon.

“Here’s all the information you need to choose the best solution for your basement”… NONSENSE!!

I suggest digging a trench 4’ wide and 8’ deep.
Then scoop out under the foundation.
Install crushed coconut shells to do the underpinning.
Go to Home Depot and buy good quality latex paint and paint 7 coats of paint on the foundation (any color is fine)
Fill the hole with black dirt with lots of organics like leaves and branches
Put 18" of crushed gravel
12" of clay
Drive over with heavy machinery and make sure you keep the mixture wet
Seed with grass
Drink a beer and urinate over the final seeding (to keep mice from eating the seeds)

Now you can remove your gutters and downspouts and take to the recycling center and use the money to get more beer.

Wait until the rainy season, if walls still leak paint the interior with latex paint and when dry glue a water diversion system to the block, get a bunch of sponge mops and have a naked mop party witth your wife after the children are put to bed.

What else can I help you with?

looooooooooooooooooooooooooool funny azz stuff Paul!!!

could fill duh trenches/holes with weed—seedzz and have a grow op around duh house, a money maker, got weed?