SoberWorm Virus

I heard on the radio this morning that the newest version of the soberworm virus is set to be released today. This is the virus that gets into your email addresses and sends viruses to your address book. Be aware of what you open for the next few days! I couldn’t find anything on the internet about it, but if it’s on the radio it must be true! ;-):wink:

Thanks Aimee.

but if it’s on the radio it must be true! :wink::wink:

or in the newspaper :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:,10801,99936,00.html

Don’t open any .zip files and you should be ok.

The SoberWorm virus isn’t always dangerous, but it sure can be a headache! About four weeks ago I started getting returned e-mails, from addresses that I had never sent to. Some research identified the SoberWorm as the culprit. That virus had found my domain name on someone’s computer, then created a fake return e-mail address based on my domain name, and sent its stupid zip file to everyone in their address book. I was able to determine that my own computer was not infected, but of course there was no way to figure out whose computer was. I don’t know if any damage was done to others’ computers. But I felt like it was a bad reflection on my reputation (my domain name) to have virusy zip files being sent out. I tried to get the internet service providers involved, but most of them wouldn’t even respond. The ones that did respond said there was nothing they could do. Like I said, no obvious damage, except to my pride or reputation.