Social Media Company - What are your thoughts?

Looking for input and iseas about social media and this company, or any others that anyone knows about.



Unless you have ZERO time to do this yourself for only a fraction of that money, it is a total waste of your money better spent elsewhere. In fact, if you are too busy to do this yourself, then WHY the need for this at all??


I’m not as tech savvy as I thought I once was, and these things change so fast I can’t keep up.

That’s why I’m asking.

IMO $400.00 a month is not too much if it has brings the desired results. One inspection would pay for it. Just looking for ideas and thoughts about the whole thing and other options if any, besides doing it myself, which I might do anyways.

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Don’t forget about the initial $600 “set-up fee” (essentially an additional 1.5 months fee) upfront. They would absolutely love for you to CANCEL after the first month or two!!


Contact Ian Robertson, he is also a Nachi member.
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