Social status is...

…something that I didn’t think about in this regard.

We’ve known for a while that my sister was probably going to need a liver transplant and she recently took a turn for the worse. (Prayers are appreciated, if so moved.)

The doctors are assessing her for that possibility and included in an assessment is one’s alcohol use, age, physical condition and, among other things, “social status”. That last one offended me even though, in the back of my head, I know that goes on everyday. I guess it hits home harder when it’s a loved one…still…


You rightfully put ‘social status’ in quotes since it’s relative, what are the specifics?


We haven’t been able to get an answer yet that defines it.

Might be a generic term to see if she is an anti-social person. Criminal, Public drunk, politician, etc.


P.S. Is there any good news like you can be a donor?

How did they define ‘social status’ and in what context? That is very strange because things such as social standing, financial wealth, etc, are expressly forbidden by law as factors in deciding placement position on the list. Your standing on the national transplant list is based on medical necessity and other strictly medical and behavior factors. For example: if you are in need of a liver due to alcoholism, but refuse to stop drinking, they will not waste a viable liver on you. You will be on the list, but other more viable candidates will be placed well ahead of you. The same goes for a smoker who refuses to quit and wants a new lung. As a matter of fact, you can’t sell organs, nor make a profit from things such as tissue, either. There is a company here in Kennesaw, GA called CryoLife, that removes connective tissues (cartilage and ligaments) from cadaver joints. They make their profits not from selling the tissue itself(because they can’t) but fees for processing the tissue. They also process cardiac, vascular tissue and manufacture BioGlue (Superglue for surgery).

I hope they are viewing ‘social status’ in regards to her behavior patterns. Otherwise, I would recommend having a chat with the doctor regarding medical ethics and federal law. You could also contact for any questions.

If only they meant politician when determining social status…that’s light hearted, thanks.

I’ve been told no on donating.

Hard to see the silver lining, but the good news is that she doesn’t have to wait for someone to expire before getting a liver transplant. Maybe someone in the family can give here a partial.

Good luck, the family will be in our prays, keep us up to date.


Thanks, guys, I’ll see what else I can find out.