Software Identification

(Ken Earle) #1

I can’t post pictures but on the top right corner of the report it states: EXPRESS REPORT with a copyright after EXPRESS. Anyone know the software?

Found it. HouseMaster. I guess the report and software is available to franchisees.

(Randy Mayo, P.E.) #2

HomeGauge customized their software for three or four companies and HouseMaster is one of them.

(Ken Earle) #3

Thanks. Do you use HomeGuage? I just spent some time on their site watching the promo videos. The mobile piece is confusing. Can you complete an entire inspection solely with the mobile version?

(Randy Mayo, P.E.) #4

No, can’t speak about the mobile version. I personally prefer to write my reports at my office where I have time to tweak it and proofread it. I think HG is in the process of converting their software to an online version like Spectora. I will take another look at it when that happens.