Software reviews

Leaning toward AHIT’s InspectIT. Any advice. I used a free trial of it and it seemed very user friendly.

Most people including myself who use inspecit wish they were not or have switched. Try HIP or Homegauge.

3D is very good software.

Avoid AHIT’S.

Try 3D, HIP, HG or a few of the others for free. Go to their websites and download the free trial versions. Also be sure to try the mobile software. Purchase the one that is right for you.

I was leaning toward it because they are offering student price. It’s updated this year. I used the trial on a few and like it, but I’m having a hard time finding good reviews from inspectors.

You’re the only one I’ve heard say anything positive about it.

I had one of my guys switch to HIP from Palm tech and he said he is never going back.

Darren, first join InterNACHI.

Some of the software companies offer a free year of InterNACHI membership with purchase. Look at that also.

That’s a fact. :smiley:

Look into 3D

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