I have been trying out different sample visions of software from homeinspectorpro, porter valley, inspect express, home gauge. Any recommendations or Performance issues?

Daren, The only one I have used is HIP and it has been user friendly and is easy to customize. If you have any questions Dom’s service is 2nd to none. It took me a few hours to set up for myself but once started became very easy.

Thanks Curtis. I do like Doms as well.

Homeguage is the best software clients and RE agents like it.

And the support is great, try the demo and look at the sample report.

Never see HIP users complain like HG users on the parallel thread here.:shock:
Hippies Rule:mrgreen:

I was wondering why we are talking software in the electrical forum.

As a hippie myself I felt I should jump aboard.

Did not even notice .
I just hit todays posts and go by thread title.Greenie for noticing.:mrgreen: