I have been using the optimiser energy audit software but not happy with it. The results seem off. What does everyone else use. I have tried RemRate and that on is not accurate at all.

Try home gauge. They have an audit template, and you can trial it for free.

What do you mean by the “results seem off” ? and RemRate is based on formulas the “powers that be” in government came up with for doing the calculations.

If I could be rude for moment . . .
The results in RemRate can’t be off. RemRate uses heat transfer equations. Any other program will use the same equations.

You can adjust the plug loads, lighting loads, performance efficiency of equipment, duct leakage, cost per therm, location, grade of insulation, and on and on. If the numbers are off, then the next step is to adjust the building to match the resident’s usage - and double check your inputs.

As an energy modeling program, it’s pretty decent. The only major drawback is the inability to create different zones within the structure. Oh, and most of the reports suck.

Good Luck!