Help I tried to install home insp. pro can not see it

Open your eyes…LOL
Seriously though go to HIP online assistance at the home page.

If windows look for it at 86x with your other software or type Home inspector Pro at the start button search and right click it then go to details to see where it is.

Hi James,

Did you install it on your desktop or a mobile device? Did you run the installer or just download it? If you installed it you should have a Home Inspector Pro icon on your desktop. It’s a green looking inspector icon.

Kind of like a new born puppy… after he opens his eyes he will realize he should be using HomeGauge. :D;)

Home Inspector Pro all the way

Good answer Sheehan :slight_smile:

ReportHost 4 lyf gang-sign Yo!



I’d rather pay a one-time $400 for the best, most simple, customizable, and easiest to use software than spend $200 a month on ReportHost with it’s confusing icons.

To each his own…everyone has their own fan club. :cool:

I like Report Host but I agree that those icons gotta go.


You don’t have to use our default icons. We have a whole library of icons that you can use instead of our default ones. You can also choose to not use icons, and instead display the types (like “Safety”, “Repair/maintain”, etc.) as text instead. See options on our website’s “Preferences” menu to change this.

Jim, I’m still learning Report Host. I will now see about removing the icons as I think they are superflous.

I like Report Host the more I use it. No problems from me.
Also, I don’t particularly want to “own” my software. As I get used to Report Host I am finding I can write reports in the way I wish to communicate and that’s a big plus in my book. I ain’t worried about the cost as much as getting what I want, and I think the cost is fair for what I get.

We good?

My last client loved the icons.

What would be helpful though is under the icons have:
Safety, Repair/Replace, Repair/Maintain,Monitor, etc…

So whatever icons were selected there would be a quick reference right underneath them.

So they don’t have to keep referring to the icon legend at the top of the report