Solar Comfort Radiant Barrier Technology

Does anyone know if Brian and his company completed the move to Atalanta? I emailed him a couple of months ago and he said the move should be complete in November, but I have not heard anything else from him. I have emailed him a few times and have not received any information. I would like to get some information about these products and maybe become a dealer. Thank you in advanced for your help.

Don’t hold your breath!!!

lol, been waiting all day for a comment on this one. I figured Michael Larson and I would agree on something for once, but he has not chimed in yet.


I live in Wisconsin.

It will be 2 degs tonight.

I’m pretty sure a solar barrier will do me no good. :wink:

I’m hoping for some global warming.:shock:

Been out inspecting…

Comment…Until I see the product, specs and claims by the manufacturer/distributor…Smoke and mirrors!!!

ooooh I am sure it is in the neighborhood of 20%-40% savings. Hopefully there is a legit RB company out there, I just have not meet one.


About the only thing RBs are good for is a sun shade you can see through

Thank you everyone for your response. And I won’t be holding my breath. Ha! Ha!

Solar “window film” could have some benefit in Tucson or Florida - or the Middle East.

Earlier this year, I did some insolation (not insulation) analyses for a client in Dubai w/ a high-rise office building. The air-conditioning costs were very high as your might imagine. Also the office workers were not comfortable in the afternoon.

We analyzed a couple of different types of window film. Some showed a ROI of 3-4 yrs. Very worthwhile investment AND keeps the tenants happy. But you can’t pay $2/sf for window film and expect a decent ROI.

(hint: no need to pay for window film on the North side unless you’re South of the equator)

Interestingly, the building owner didn’t care about the high utility cost - which they were paying in this case. They just wanted to keep the tenant happy. If we had shown a 10 yr ROI, they still probably would have moved forward.

For what it’s worth.

Mark Easter

Sometimes quick A/C $$$$$ savings are not there… but is it a human comfort issue? If you want productive employees, the proper solar/heat reducing film will more than pay for itself in employees being comfortable and productive.

Proper product analysis and recommendation is crucial; not many can do that well!