Solar panel 4 point question

Have done a lot of 4 points since I got licensed and finally ran into a house with solar panels. Was wondering if anything changes with the electrical portion of the form or if the panel inspection is performed as usual. Thanks.

I don’t report anything differently, since it doesn’t ask… They will see the roof pics and the panels


I don’t report anything specific about panels. I just photograph them with the photos of the roof and take the required pictures of the service panel. The insurance underwriters will see the photos of the panels.
I’m not 100% sure but I believe the solar panels are not covered in the insurance policy and that an additional supplemental coverage is required for ins. Coverage.
Gotta love the 4 points !

In some cases, I’ve seen where they had the panel upgraded/replaced when installing the panels, so I do report that, but like was said, any underwriter will see them on the photos. I’ve had some that make it pretty hard to get good photos of the roof showing shingles.