Solar thermal backup for water heater

Here are a few shots from my last inspection. That’s a solar thermal (hot water) system. The black tank is a diesel fuel tank from a truck, which is supported by part of an old peddle sewing machine frame. Lower left is the porcelain and steel uplift preventer. I think the seller liked to sit up there and listen to music while he re-read his old love letters.
It was the back up for the water heater, which didn’t have a TPR, but it did have a two-story PVC disharge pipe. Obviously the installer was not thinking clearly or he would have terminated the discharge pipe into the diesel tank, increasing the efficiency of the hot water system.

The home had no hot water at the time of the inspection although there were three people living there.

And just to make triply sure they got electricity, the home had three meters. It’s legal too. According to the architect who came along for the inspection, each of those three cables has both an energized conductor and a neutral in it. No ground for the meters (or service) though.

Just like every other home in this neighborhood, water was supplied by the city… two days a week. It filled an underground cistern. A pump moved water up into a tank on the roof and all plumbing fixtures were gravity-fed. Very, very common here. Didn’t measure but water pressure must have been about 5-10 PSI.

Mosquitoes are bad here but I kill them with a battery-powered electric tennis racquet with steel strings. I eat more mangoes any man ever seen, hey, hey…

Hope you’re having a good time Kenton…:cool:

You ever find out what the thing-a-majig was connected to the other service conductor you were showing us?


Anyway, be well ole buddy…!

I think Jeff was probably correct, Dale. I think there was a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom on the other side of that wall and that was a blower of some sort.

I’m supposed to start meeting with experts next week and over the next few months I should find out. Extending my stay through August.

Whoah! Just had an earthquake strong enough to make me grab the computer, pull on my boots and head out the door. I’m on the 3rd floor corner unit of a 7-story concrete apt. complex. Built by Bulgarians who couldn’t figure out that in Mexico you should put screens on the doors and windows. Do they have earthquakes in Bulgaria? Seems to be over now. There’s an active volcano about 20 miles from here.
Kind’a reminds me of some Jimmy Buffet song.