Solar Water Heater

Hello All,

I am new to the board and have recently begun getting certified. I have an extensive construction background and am excited to be moving into the inspection field. This post is part of my requirements and thought I would get insight into my current homes, old, non operational solar water heating system. I am selling this house and am having an inspection done in 2 days. I am curious as to this situation pictured might be reported in a home inspection. I am not sure of all of the aparati, other than knowing they are parts of the old system.

I appreciate any feedback. It seems to me that it should be written up as inoperable and should be inspected by a solar or plumbing expert.

I am having problems with adding the picture. I will add it when I get it figured out.

Thank You

If you go to top left you will see control panel . Follow the directions and you can add where you live +++… All the best … Roy

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