Solatube & Opening Protection

What are you guys marking on Opening Protection when you have a solatube? it’s not the same as a traditional skylight. If you knock the lens cap off is about the same diameter as a roof vent. Seeing more and more of them with technology providing additional features to go with.



A lot of the newer ones have polycarbonate domes which are rated.

The problem I would have with these is that they compromise the building envelope. I have been on jobs where these are being installed and there is no secondary protection between the exterior and interior of the living area. The tube is a 6 or 8 inch metal duct and the connection to the roof is nominal, but the cover can easily be disconnected from the tube, compromising the integrity of the seal. In hurricane force winds I would not trust the seal to prevent pressure change inside the home nullifing the protection from shutters and rated glass. Just one persons opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

Some are rated and most are not…you just have to look.

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