Solder pipes to duct work

I know it can lead to corrosion and premature failure. It was probably done to prevent vibration, but this was new construction and I’m surprised any plumber would have done this.

Anyone else finding this?

Maybe they just wanted to bond the ductwork!:roll:



Hi Aaron,

That is crazy, as you have pointed out it will lead to rapid corrosion, I would have written it up as lack of proper supports for the piping.



Two different metals, not reccomended for long term use.

Keeps it from rattling…:wink:

30 years in the construction industry and i have never seen this before.

There are more professional ways to keep the pipe from rattling and supported. This is not one of them.

What Gerry said:)

Maybe this picture should be sent to a Plumbers national union for posting on their web site. I can imagine that the resourcefull plumber believes he found a revolutionary new anchoring method.

Agree with all previous post - like send to plumbers union the best - have never seen before.