Solid Aluminum for AC

Do you write up solid aluminum core circuits if the only one is the one for the AC compressor?

Last two inspections I had, had solid AL for the AC only.

I’ve written them up for what they are, but I’m not sure that this would have the same level of concern as if for a lighting or receptacle.

What size was it Mark?

I worry about lights and outlets for Aluminum wire not so much for 220 circuits

Me too, but usually when I see this it’s stranded aluminum and not solid.

what size was the wire Mark

6 or 8, you tell me.

Looks like 8 , Personally i would not right the 220 circuit for Aluminum. Even solid at that size

I always call out solid AL conductors. Of course my State SOP requires it.

INACHI SOP says you should report it, as to it needing service that is up to you.