Solution for cold showers

Never underestimate the creative ability of morons.

They probably wanted to pre-heat the shower before getting in:mrgreen:


Which hat did you have on during that inspection?

That was a home inspection. Foreclosed home.

It looks silly but does it really violate anything except common sense?

Maybe changing it to a stainless steel or plastic louver is all that is needed.

What will happen when water gets inside the ducts?

It depends on how it was fed.

I wasn’t there.

You could certainly put a hooded deflector over it to prevent water ingress.

Other than common sense did it violate any code?

I wasn’t doing a code inspection. I’d have to research it to know for sure what the code says about location.

Is there a possibility of water getting inside the wall system (hood or no hood)? What might happen?

That’s why I asked.

These are the situations were being on site makes it easy to determine if there is a real problem.

Pictures by them selves just don’t do it.

They certainly could have provided a better solution than what is pictured.