Solutions needed for Foundation

Trying to recommend/find and get a better solution to the compound problem here in the picture. First of all the deck is a DYI that isn’t supported correctly, There is no gutter system installed on the house. The treated plywood foundation is being used on a addition but I don’t have access to a crawl space to examine behind the wall to look at the framing. Inside the house addition the floor is sloped towards the foundation wall in question but haven’t seen any cracking in the interior drywall to indicate detachment from the main section of house.
I put into the report to my client review recommended with a qualified foundation repair specialist for further analysis and repair. One solution that came to my mind changing the grading to divert the water, but does anyone else have a viable solution?

That says it all there.

I know I covered my butt, but do you ever feel like not having a solutions eats you up inside. It also however drives me to become better inspector.

A home inspector is not required to give solutions all we do is call out what we see and report it

Must be a large area graded towards the home. Or you had an extremely fast meltdown of a large snowpack.

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A mixture of both.

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Recommend gutters be installed also…

The Grade is obviously lower under the deck, creating a puddle.

You’ve identified multiple issues. Which problem are you trying to solve? Water along the foundation? Grading first, gutters will help.

Along with moving to the South… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Solutions are for contractors, builders and trades people not home inspectors.


Your job is not to solve problems. Your job is to identify them.