Some advice for ICC Commercial Electrical Inspector E2 Exam

I passed the exam today and thought I would share my experience in regard to preparing for the ICC exam. :o

I hope you guys find it useful!

Gary thanks for the insights. I have just received the exam preparation for the commercial ICC inspection exam. I have to agree that tabs are the key to taking any open book state or otherwise certified exams.
I’ve taken two state certified building contractor exams in California and Florida and correct referencing of the answers is key. There are companies that provide practice questions that I hope will also be helpful.
The ICC designation is indeed an major accomplishment… Congrats!
For State projects including Universities and municipal inspections it’s an absolute must.
It is also helpful for county building inspectors.

Rick Elliott

Thanks, you will do fine! Which ICC commercial inspector exam are you taking? The practice tests are very key.

Thanks for the advice!