Some days are better than others

Today’s house had a working AC (first one this week thats worked). The owner is (was?) a Victoria’s Secret model. How do I know this? Her photographs were plastered all over the home. Yes, she was home.

In her closet? a see thru Rubbermaid tub FULL of adult toys. Whips, bondage stuff, uhhh… ‘stuff’ of every shape, color and battery size.

Today is the only day that my son and husband are slightly jealous of my job. I guess some days are better than others.


Email me the address would you please…:stuck_out_tongue:

She is in your neck of the woods…

What, no photos?

I hope you issued a warning about these devices in your report. Studies have shown that the improper use of such battery operated vibrating devices can actually chip teeth.:wink:

Well, if the ‘appliances’ had been installed, I would have most certainly photgraphed and made record of the devices with instructions on proper use. Alas, they appear to be the portable type. I have a feeling they will not convey with the property.

yes, of course.

Would you like to see her attic?

Now you know why they call its Victoria’s Secret. :mrgreen:

Whip me and beat me until I write bad checks?..I don’t think so…:-;;

Oops, I didn’t read past the “toys” part…Please send the address to Brian K instead…:-({|=

Thanks Cheryl…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

. . . it’s always the other inspector who gets the fun job . . .