Some drip water and some drip wires

OK First time in this development I let it slide and gave the old “have it inspected” write up but after going back to another townhouse in the same development yesterday it was the same look making me wonder is this wire for a testing system or is it just not finished and non functional ?
The association President had no idea.:shock:
He said his home has no sprinkler system.(go figure)


"ACME Sprinklers"?

So Wile E. Coyote is using sprinklers to catch that Roadrunner???

The main reason many companies used that name in the past was for Phone Book position.
Kinda like how we pick url’s today.History repeats itself.

I disavow Fire Sprinkler Systems in my reports Bob when I see them.

I can not tell if those wires are to a Valve Actuator or an Alarm from here. No point “Guessing” about functionality IMO, write it up.

Thhey are there to supervise the valve. If they are not wired to a panel alarm the valve needs to be chained and locked in the open position.

Thanks Gary.
I had a feeling someone might know.

Used for tamper switches then onto the FACP.

FACP? (English please):slight_smile:
Fire alarm control panel.:slight_smile: