Some Finding Fault with Unlicensed Foreclosure Inspectors

From the article:
*"In Texas, inspectors must be licensed to conduct home inspections, but the law doesn’t apply to foreclosure walkthroughs. *

That concerns the home inspectors who have undergone a rigorous 448 hours of schooling and lab work or an apprenticeship that takes more than a year."

Way to go, Texas!!!

Inspections done for anyone with ‘intentions’ to buy or sell property come
under the jurisdiction of TREC and licensing laws. No contract is required,
just the ‘intention’. This has been debated many times.

**TREC’s jurisdiction over real estate inspections is limited to inspections performed for a buyer or seller of the property. If the inspection you are proposing relates to a purchase or sale transaction, then TREC’s Standards of Practice would apply, and a written report would be required. If the inspection you are proposing is not in connection with a purchase or sale, then TREC’s requirements would not apply, and the parameters of the inspection would be governed by the agreement between the inspector and his or her client. For further information, please see Sections 1102.001 and 1102.002 of the Texas Occupations Code and rule 535.223 of the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission for further information. **