Some guy posting all over internet claiming I charged his card without authorization.

So we sued him:


I read his complaint. He complained about you being unprofessional with your response. The way i read it, you were gave him a smart azz reply, and he complained about it. I could be wrong though, did you ask him to remove before you took legal action, or did you just sue him?
Nobody is going to read the long list of legal jargon you agree to before you sign up to a training school. Maybe you should post his complaint on here and let everyone else chime in.
Im confused as to how your customer didnt get the service he thought he did, now gets sued because he left his opinion.

I read the exchange on Ripoff Report. I don’t see where he publicly made the statements that you claim he did. What I do see is that he provided the content of the email exchanges where he made some statements to you. As far as I can tell from what is available to me, his posted statements do appear to be factual as they are preceded with the statement “I responded to the most recent copy of the above email with the following —”

What follows appears to be the actual content of the email exchange, so it would appear to be factually accurate to me (i.e., he made the statements to you in the email exchange that he said he did, even if they were in error). You had the opportunity to respond to him in a more professional and helpful manner which might have diffused rather than escalated his frustration. It was a missed opportunity on your part.

Most reputable companies, in my opinion, would have explained to him, when and how he authorized the charges (it would have taken no more effort than the smartass sneak into his bedroom response and the subsequent exchanges that it spawned), that he needed to take affirmative action to prevent the charges from occurring but did not, then refunded his money and cancelled any recurring charges, because he clearly derived no benefit from it.

To sue someone over this kind of stuff embarrasses me.

Please make it right, put the issue to bed and don’t try to bankrupt people who have little or no money.

This looks like the same type of frivolous lawsuit that one could expect from a freckled, red haired lead broker who sells fart candles on the side.

We refunded our (not his) money instantly…money he authorized us to charge to his card for services we provided to him, services he utilized. And we still gave him a full refund.

We process tens of thousands of credit cards and have never charged anyone’s card without authorization. It’s actually technically impossible.

But that aside… he didn’t just email me and make this outlandish false claim. That would have been fine by me. But he didn’t stop there. He went all over the internet including on FB and said I stole his money. He’s a liar who’s spreading lies.

The case has nothing to do with me explaining that I would have to climb through his window at night to get his credit card for what he is claiming to be true. Of course I didn’t climb through his window to get his credit card number, he provided it to InterNACHI so that InterNACHI could charge him for the services he purchased. Why else provide it?

The case has nothing to do with him being out any money. InterNACHI is out the money. We gave him back all his money even after he took the services he didn’t pay for.

The case has nothing to do with him calling me a thief or that I charged his card without authorization because I didn’t. And I’ve been called worse by better. As long as he isn’t publishing his lies, I don’t care what names he calls me.

What this case is… is a libel case. He went all over the internet including FB and lied about InterNACHI and me personally, even going as far as publishing my name and saying that I stole money from him. If he can prove in court that I stole from him, he has no worries. Truth is a defense. Maybe he has a secret video of me climbing through his window. If he can’t prove I stole from him though…we want his house and more. BTW, he has refused to delete his lies about InterNACHI and so the damage meter keeps rolling. Some men you just can’t reach… I don’t like it any more than you do.

2018 is a new year for InterNACHI. Lie about InterNACHI, actively spread those lies all over, and refuse to delete them?.. better lawyer up.


I fully support this action…

Keep up the good work.

Is anyone else getting a little concerned with all the lawsuits lately?
Seems like a person cannot exercise his first amendment right anymore…

He has rights, but not the right to state he was intentionally
stolen from - like a sleazy ripoff crook would try to do.
He isn’t owed any money so it’s pretty clear to me the only purpose for his blasting stuff everywhere on the net is to get revenge for the way he was treated? His revenge may prove to be a very expensive indulgence on his part. :shock:

I’m a constitutional scholar. I never heard of any such amendment. This guy even posted his lies on a website called “Rip Offs.” I can’t imagine any juror is going to come to any conclusion other than he was trying to harm our good reputations.

He took our services, paid us a grand total of zero, then went around the internet claiming we are thieves who stole his money and charged his credit card without his authorization. He better have proof. We’ll see. Who knows, maybe he didn’t really give us his credit card number. Maybe he has a secret video of me climbing into his window at night and copying down his credit card number. Maybe I am a thief. Let the man have his day in court to defend his libel. The fifth and fourteenth amendment each have a due process clause. I’m just making sure he gets his due process.

Sorry I cant help myself. Timmy and the cornfield.

Nick …

Personally I see nothing wrong with your suit. BUT my tendency has always been to play by Marine Corps Rules.

I agree. We’re probably going to sue the owner of Ripoff Report as well as we informed them it was libel and they didn’t take it down.

Many have tried, ALL have failed. They even have pages dedicated to why they won’t remove these reports.

It would be no different than a member suing InterNACHI because they allowed lies about someone to remain on their message board. Been sued? Didn’t think so. :roll:

We have to prove its libel first. That’s why we sued the liar.