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Herew is some interesting reading, that some of you may want to help with.

We are trying to learn more about an arbitration company by the name of ?Construction Arbitration Services? (CAS) and are asking for any information you my have. Please take a few minutes to look at your Home Purchase Contract and Home Warranty to help us with some questions.

Please answer the following:

Does your Home Warranty or Home Purchase Contract specify the use of Construction Arbitration Services (CAS) should you have a dispute with your builder?

If so, what is the name of your third party warranty provider? Examples: Residential Warranty Corp. (RWC), Home of (Your State) ,
Home Builders Warranty (HBW), etc.

Have you ever had any experience associated with Construction Arbitration Services (CAS)?

If so, please describe briefly.

Your time and help will be greatly appreciated.



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I know Allen Insurance uses them for arbitration. You could ask there?