Some negative-connotation freebies inspectors should NEVER give out on an inspection.

Lol c’mon no one hands out crap like that.

There are a few idiots out there who are still giving out the Mr. Fix It book with their inspection reports.

The Money Pit DVD… too funny… LOL

But I thought duct tape can fix everything? Must be my Canadian upbringing and years of watching the Red Green Show.

Love the Red Green show.
Is it still on the air?

Nick we all know duct tape will fix anything. You need to take it off your list lol :slight_smile:

My Dad still has a closet full of bailing wire.

How about the 101 uses for duct tape guide book?

Oh and dont mock the Money Pit, that movie for us is like caddy shack for pro golfers, it’s like a combination of our anthem and battle cry all roled into one…Kind of.

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