Some Pictures from South Korea

Hi folks!

While I’m busy developing InterNACHI features, I’m also slowly traveling the world. I’ve set up Skype so it will call my phone with a US number, so anyone can still call me at any time without international fees. Here’s a few pictures from South Korea!

The strange statues are actually from a town that worships phalluses. The row of animals are based on the Chinese zodiac, each pictured inside a phallus. Hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone. I just think it’s fascinating that there’s an entire national park devoted to it. The world is strange!

There’s also a picture of some strange Korean plumbing, at a motel.



Apparently you can only upload 5 attachments, so here are the rest… In addition, you can fry octopi on your own grill!








And Lamborghinis may be cars in some countries, but here they’re cigarettes:


Now you can honestly claim that you “smoked a Lamborghini on a bicycle.”

Also - forgive me for the terrible photography. I’m a computer programmer, which means I focus on small weird things instead of vast awesome landscapes. When I see an amazing mountain view, I just stare and don’t even think of taking a picture!

Ha Ha, fence post weiners

Picture #2, I see some guy wires there, but I’m afraid to find out what’s being guyed!

When InterNACHI needs a photographer please let Nick and Chris know I have professional gear and back-up gear and would love the opportunity to travel with you to document everything.

That’s weird…there’s rolling papers on the table to roll your own “cigarettes” but the cigarettes on the table are factory rolled…hmmm, strange indeed:mrgreen:

Haha, I know I’m weird, but I only like my American rolled cigarettes. I can’t stand the filters. So when my supply ran out… I started re-rolling factory-made cigarettes into my own. But now the papers have run out, also, so I’m stuck!

I’m looking forward to getting home where I can get a good American Spirit rolled cigarette!

Personally I would be on the first plane out of the country.

Nothing to worry about Billy.
The North Koreans are all busy right now.

I think they’ll strike. The youngster has to much to loose if he doesn’t.

I’m out now! Just got to tropical Taiwan, where I’m staying in Taipei and about to head out to the oceanside towns to work during the day and relax at night by the sea… I’ll post some pictures when I get some good ones!

Do you speak any native languages?

Depends on what you mean by native… I’ve been studying Mandarin for some time, and have a smattering of phrases in many other languages. I usually try to be able to count, barter, order food, find a bus station, and generally be polite in any country I visit… In Korean I only know perhaps a hundred or so words and can read the language, but that’s about it!

Of course, you’d be surprised how far just gesturing can get you. Generally the situation is this: I want to buy something (bus ticket, food, shoes, beer, etc.) and someone wants to sell it to me. This kind of situation works out no matter what language you speak!