Some Realtors are desperate to finalize deals..!

After a second re-inspection of repairs made to a house I inspected a month ago I received a phone call from a realtor telling (screaming at) me she cannot believe I showed her client the repairs that were made to the roof were done by an Amateur.

My client simply wanted a Licensed Contractor to make the repairs because they are required to guarantee their work for two years after the date the repairs are made in Arizona.

She also said she would never use me again because I killed her deal…!

I told her to call an inspector desperate for inspections next time and she might not run into this dilemma in the future…:smiley:

Anybody else running into (more than usual) “Unethical Realtors” in this soft residential market?..:smiley:

Anyone else running into “Starving Realtors”…:smiley:

You just gotta get a browner “tan” on your nose, Dale. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

I have had a few calls recently from desperate Realtors, I just tell them I am busy and to call my friend Dale. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of Realtors calling me…(like yesterday)…a lovely lady you highly recommended, so she said…


Absolutely NOTHING in the shack functioned…](*,) …NOTHING…!!!..:stuck_out_tongue:

I giuess I am not clear. Did the Realtor do the roof repairs or the seller? Was the Realtor dual agency?

I would think that your client would be very pleased that you found the crappy repair.

If their Realtor was angry at you for doing your job (and representing them, evidently better that the Realtor did) maybe you should let them know.

Just a thought.

She didn’t say who did the repairs, except for the fact it was an unlicensed contractor with no guarantee.

Yes, this realtor was only my clients realtor, not the listing agent.

He was Will, but the realtor wasn’t, she justs wanted the house to close because John-John (her husband) is eating balony sandwiches…:smiley:

I did let her know, I called the Phoenix Association of Realtors and filed a complaint against her, and so did my client.

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist :twisted:


He was Will, but the realtor wasn’t, she justs wanted the house to close because John-John (her husband) is eating balony sandwiches…:smiley:


Maybe dear Lil’ John-John should get up off his (large derrier) and get a freakin’ job!


He was Will, but the realtor wasn’t, she justs wanted the house to close because John-John (her husband) is eating balony sandwiches…:smiley: quote]

Betcha’ it was John-John who did the repairs :wink:

Yup! I find that the referrals from most realtors tend to stop over “extraneous” stuff that affects the deal such as an LP tank that is part of the property, not owned by the utility company, has only three of its four legs resting on solid concrete blocks and sits directly over the septic tank access panel. The realtor “who didn’t know any better for referring me” was not pleased that the suspended leg on the LP tank and its code-violating restriction of access to the septic tank was a priority in the clients’ counteroffer.

Or some other very close relation, nudge nudge, wink wink. And if John-John did the work, shouldn’t he be able to afford ham or turkey for his sandwiches? How cheap does he work? :roll:

If you pass a homeless Realtor tonight on the street, think of
Dale the deal killer and try not to smile.

Keep up the good work!!!

I Have noticed that the Realtors are a bit more jumpy than usual and that anything you find wrong now brings our the crying towel as you may be killing one of the two deals they will make all year.

I’ll bet this is but the tip of the iceberg.

I think the the tilte to this thread should be ALL reators, not just Some realtors

She should have called you earlier and had it “Move In Certified” :wink:

I think it is just the tip of the iceberg too Joe…Realtors are letting their licenses expire, Home Inspectors here are dwindling, appraisers are crying, and the only Mortgage Broker I know making money is Brian Kelly’s wife…:smiley:

But this realtor who did not call me in the first place, her client did, was really crying the blues when the $40,000.00 commission went “through the roof”…:smiley:

Now if I wanted the sale to go though being a realtor, I would of paid for the roof repairs myself, say for $5,000.00 maybe, the deal would of went smooth, and $35,000.00 would of been in the bank.

Some realtors have no business being in the business, absolutely no common sense what so ever.

In the morning I think I’ll send a bottle of “Wild Irish Rose” to their broker, with a note “Pretend it is Glenlivit”…:smiley:

No problemo Amigo, just don’t send me any Irish Rose.:smiley:

Their dropping like flies here John…:smiley:

I’d be willing to bet half of them here have folded in the last few months…:smiley:

A friend of mine at a popular Real Estate training school here also said business is Terrible…:smiley: