Some slick meters- prices seem good for some


The 606 offers a pretty wide range and auto-calibrations for various materials. 0-90% is pretty good for a pin meter as many have a much narrower window of accuracy. Of course they don’t tell if this is in all materials or only some

The 511 will help spot areas of low pressure in relation to other parts of the home and to the exterior and claims to be valuable in performing risk assessments for combustion air zones, but it seems to me you’d have to know the velocity/pressure in the exhaust flue to develop some idea of the damger from backdraft.


  • Velocity, temperature, humidity
  • RPM (optical tachometer)
  • Differential pressure, Absolute pressure
  • Video inspection borescope
  • Light intensity - Lux, Foot-candle
  • Material moisture, air humidity, temperature
  • Air humidity and temperature
    *]Air temperature and IR surface temperature


what do you use for this type of test equipment?
Do you have one of these?


Each class of appliance and its flue system under normal operating conditions has an ability to resist llow negative pressures experienced in the mechanical room, usually 5 or 10 pascals negative relative to the flue exterior (called depressurization limits). These have been already been determined and put out in a course by CMHC in 1992. These concepts and a test to determine/predict combustion gas spillage to the interior are presently taught in the following certification courses:

(1) W.E.T.T- Wood Energy Technology Transfer…courses for salespeople, installing technicians, inspectors and chimney sweeps

(2) HRAI- Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute- Course for the installation of residential ventilation equipment including HRV’s and other air exchangers

(3) R2000 Home Builder: Canada’s high efficiency home program…the early basics and standards which Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation had a large part in developing and which were the basis for the Amercian Lung associations “Health House” Program ( Imagine that… people with lung problems, allergies, environmental sensitivies being told to build and live in an “airtight” house

Nope. No boroscope. I have a Surveymaster moisture meter, IR thermometer, a Bacherach gas sniffer I never use, a Bacherach carbon monoxide meter I seldom use and a hygrometer/thermometer.