Somebody buy this beautiful home in Detroit for $1,200 or I will.

I think that is the per month rental price.

Sold a few months ago for $32,000. Looks like someone is just trying to create a bidding war. It’s amazing that the house would cost around $500,000 here in SoCal.

Maybe we should just go buy a city block of Detroit and rehab it.

Look at these prices:

Nope, that’s the listing price.


The back taxes are more than what the house is.

I love clicking on the monthly payment tab.

I’m game…but I’m thinking that most of those prices are mixed up with monthly lease payments

Little better idea…

Thanks Tim, those are still ridiculously low prices.

If you want real deals…go to Flint.


Holy cow…

What’s up with Flint?

We should all get together, buy an entire neighborhood, rehab the whole neighborhood, then gate it.

Sounds fun, not sure a city with a 1 out of a 100 (1 being worst) crime index appeals to my better or even worst judgement.

How tall of a wall?,-83.109736&cbp=13,329.9,0,0,0&cbll=42.375895,-83.109580&q=2532+longfellow+st+detroit+mi+48206&ei=aaLPUuaoEqvNsQTepYCADA&ved=0CCoQxB0wAA

Yes let wall it off and start a new country .

The houses are that price for a reason.
wonder what city will be next. Can’t keep giving out food stamps forever, somthings gotta give.

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