somebody on this planet show my old butt exactly how an interior drainage system...

…and a sump pump AND wall anchors would,
—repair, waterproof any of the exterior cracks in the foundation wall
–remove/relieve lateral soil pressure, underground roots etc off the exterior foundation wall which CAUSED the cracks n wall to BOW IN and subsequent water in basement
–would stop/prevent mold, efflorescence etc on interior foundation wall


–From the inept to the out and out SCAMS!!!
…'And then there exists an entire cadre of FRAUD artists who will simply SELL YOU an open trench IN the basement… this is what CON MEN are allowed to do to your home

And realtors still recommend . Inside water proofing companies for water proofing . and some now even have ( a engineer ) lol you have no idea the grief we get here doing inspections and stating moisture issues should be address on the outside . Once a week a call comes in calling you everything under the sun .

Wayne, forward those calls here if ya please sir, i have found a way to reach through the phones lines and slap these cooters

Thanks John for your posts.
I hope many learn much from them and protect them selves .

All the best Roy… Your Northern buddy

thanks for the kind words Roy, hope you and the Mrs are well man.

Former home inspector 20 years apparently, he writes, “Basements that flood after a major storm are ALWAYS the result of poor drainage conditions…”
Wet Basement Blues? Easy Way to Fix a Wet Basement | The Money Pit

Really? Did i read that correctly…huh?

Well Mr former inspector, here’s a leaky basement that already has a raised and sloped grade for ya, it ONLY leaked on long heavy rains aka, MAJOR STORMS

You see what he says to, ummmmmmmmm lol, check right?

So don’t check for a possible crack in foundation wall, don’t check for possible deteriorated rod holes, don’t check and see if lateral line is clogged, busted etc, don’t check to see if an existing sump pump went out, don’t check and see if water entered through-around a basement window, doors etc etc, NONE of that, ALWAYS the grade, poor drainage huh, pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!