Somebody's using for money claims

Hi everyone, i just received an email which says that I am to claim a certain amount of money from an agent of this organization to where I should send back information for him to process the papers,fees and all.
So I put it on my spam folder and was automatically deleted, only then i remembered I should’ve copied and showed you here all the content of the letter because I was surprised that the bogus sender identified me as NACHI member (Hi Ms. Fianza of…), i just can’t believe it.

Why don’t they send these clowns to jail.:-x

You mean that you didn’t hear about the Gromicko stimulus package. He was going to give one lucky NACHI member a cool million. Looks like you lost out.

Hopefully he will offer it to someone else if it goes unclaimed.

OK well I will claim the cool million then if nobady else wants it LMFAO

What was this about package stimulus?


How come no one every gives me something??:(:frowning: I never win anything.:mad::mad:

Except maybe the very best wife in the country!!:D:D:D