Someone died after a home inspection. Multi-million dollar lawsuit

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Good men Nick and attorney Joe Denneler!

You saved his bacon!

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Hi Nick

Any update on Insurance for Canadian members?


Hopefully we’ll be available in Canada early-to-mid next year!

Thanks Chris.
Have a great weekend. Happy Holidays.

How does someone get sued and lose when it’s “no fault of his own?” I was expecting more to the story and a lesson to be learned. This is just an ad for insurance.


My thoughts exactly. What did the guy die from? What was the alleged fault of the home inspector? Why was the claim paid? etc, etc …


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This is great click bait. Please tell more about what exactly happened here without of course revealing identities.

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Uh, happens all the time. Most claims in our industry have no merit.

The lesson learned is: relax and keep the insurance you have. If you ever lose it, the folks at internachi will take care of you.

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Chris, I’m very excited to see what InterNACHI has to offer for us. Do you have a ballpark premium yet, or will that only be released with the program announcement?