Someone in Colorado want to make a quick $600 for doing almost nothing?

All you have to do is sit there and then sign an affidavit at the end.

Dang Nice gig. I guess they could not give the stuff away?

The entire mall is shut down for several months. There was a very bad hail storm that caused damage. The malls skylights were broken and water was coming in like a water fall. There were other water issues related to the storm as well.

Find anyone yet? What time? It’s a bit of a drive, but $600 could make it worth it…

I’ll do it if Marcy doesn’t want to make the drive.

I just set up an appointment with them for 9 AM tomorrow.

Thanks Nick

K. Thanks for letting us know David. Have a good time! :slight_smile:

Nice work David.

Now I just have to create or find such a certificate. :cool: