Someone just got scammed on Ebay....

Sun Nuclear 1027

I don;t think they read the description thoroughly…


It was cancelled before any bid.

I guess you missed that part.

Probably not. That’s an expensive buying guide.

I wonder if “jessi” is hooked up with Environmental Solutions Association? There located in Williamsport. It wouldn’t surprise me.

The listing says sold. Price $410. Completed auction price is green color.
What else did I miss?


No bidders.

this is what a sold listing looks like.

Winner hit the ‘Buy It Now’


You are correct sir. My apologies.

I am submitting a fraud complaint.

Two more just popped on the completed auctions…for a lot more $.

completed 1027’s


And they have active bids, 9 & 11, respectively. Hard to believe that many do not read the details. “Jessi” just joined eBay on 6/21.

It is misleading. You will soon see a thread here titled “Ripped off on E-Bay”.

I reported all three auctions as fraud to eBay as well.


You mean like reading this part?: :shock:

"This is a guide on how to buy the Sun Nuclear Model 1027 continuous radon monitor."

What exactly is fraudulent about the listing? The item description specifically says: Brand New: A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages.

The listing specifically says:
Sun Nuclear Model 1027 continuous radon monitor Case Printer - Buying Guide

Where is the fraud?

Would you pay $410 for a buying guide listed in the books category

Not the point. Are you trying to protect the world from stupidity? What happened to your “Capitalism is perfect” mantra? Why shouldn’t the person listing the item be able to sell it for that price?

Admit it Mike, you are just a closet Socialist… :wink:

The add was intentionally misleading.

Think whatever you want.

What is misleading? It is a book in the book section.

The ‘buying guide’ ad mimics the real ad.