Something different

Had a call today to do an IR scan for moisture on a three story with full basement. Told the Realtor If I could not find the problem there would be no charge. I had it found in less than ten minutes and never took the camera out of the truck. Had all of the water shut down at the fixtures and used a screw driver from my ear to the water pipes and listened for rushing water Bingo. I had a pay day today:D


Well done

Most times the simplest tools are the best.

What kind of screwdriver? I have to get me one of those :mrgreen:

Did you know a screwdriver is a chisel when not being used as a pry bar.

Old carpenters joke, Sorry couldn’t resist.

:lol: :lol: Yeah, I know Peter, I keep those in a different box. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Also makes a pretty good shovel when the water meter is covered over with dirt

As my dear ol’ Dad used to say, “There is a tool for every job, and I ain’t got it.” :mrgreen: