Something doesn't look right.

A disconnect panel in a garage. I know there are multiple issues here, but the one I’m not sure of is the hot jumper lead connecting the two lugs. What is this condition called and how to describe it. Other than “suggest evaluation by a licensed electrician”:wink:

Its only 120 volt.

OK, I’ll buy that. I just hadn’t sen this before.

You do know the lug (at top) is not rated for two conductors?

For a 120 volt Only sub panel :
1 Hot wire arrives from breaker
Add “jumper wire” between Hot lugs
This will energize both hot busbars so each breaker slot will work.
Ground bar must be installed so Neutrals and grounds are separate.

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Yep. it’s 120 volt, but there’s a boatload of issues in that little space.

No kidding. Some people should never touch electrical installation.

Ya think?

FUBAR strikes me as appropriate.

Wonder what size breaker is protecting this mess. I bet it tripped a few times and then they added a bigger one! :roll: Better make sure the smoke detectors are working…

Yes. Like I said, multiple issues here.
Thanks for the help.