Something Else For Non-Member W Siegel (fabi) To Whine About! :p:p:p

This guy doesn’t even work in the United States. Oh, and by the way, this board is open to all inspectors,not just NACHI members. Just because I chose not to renew my membership here is no reason not to post. And when does reality become whining. If you can prove me wrong, then do so. i did not see one post from you about this subject. Also, that guarantee came form a web site from a home inspector in south florida

Them Aussies have funny looking phone numbers!

Nice looking site though

Sounds like the perfect racket for a Florida conspector to get his foot in the door to upsell a few more upgrades while he is repairing his overlooked defect.

The only defect This licensed contractor is trying to over look, is the missing comma in your signature line.

*Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. * Basic high school grammar! :roll:

How much do you plan to charge me to fix it.:smiley:

Besides, conspector (I assume you have placed *yourself *into this category since I never heard of you and you seem to think I’m referring to you) … a comma does NOT go after Kansas. You are wrong about your basic 3rd grade grammar. LOL

Blah blah…Stay ignorant, I hear it’s bliss!

Is that an expert opinion.:wink:

Jay, he can’t HEAR you :slight_smile:

He is just a hearing aid salesman. Probably used at that.

Agreed, I tried to help him. But, he refused to LISTEN…

Looks like some guys don’t like to see this scam exposed on a public thread for some reason. Interesting …

James I did not even check it out.

I was just commenting on you as a forum member.

Sorry, Jay, but not too sorry! You are dead wrong on this one!:slight_smile:

YOU are the one who flunks this very simple ‘h.s. grammar’ test!

No s h i t, I know it is open. Whatever happened to the FABI MB?

Bill, instead of complaining about what others are trying, what new USPs are you working on to inc into your own business?

btw, i.l.o. posting I pm’d you a few days ago on this subject and you have not replied.

OK – I’ve been asked to referee this slap-fight -X about the serial or Oxford comma, with Jan C. Murray fighting for (see picture #1), and James H. Bushart against (see picture #2).

The purpose of punctuation is to clarify; indeed, it has evolved over the decades just as our vocabulary has. There is a time and a place for the serial comma, but in instances where the items in the series are similar, brief, and readily understood apart from each other, there is no need for it–it’s extraneous, much like our former tails. (See picture #3.)

Back to the business at hand. :mrgreen:


Kate, you stepped in way too early. I wanted to bet my bank acct against Jay’s on this subject and was waiting for him to take the bait.

That was an incredible illustration of this issue that now even the most simpletons among us should be able to comprehend. Oh, who asked you to ref?

Sorry Pete, check your sources. When listing three or more items you use a comma to separate them…Last I looked, Kansas and Arkansas are separate States. Therefore, they are separated by a comma when preceded by Missouri.
If you don’t believe me, see below:
COMMAS: Rule 1
To avoid confusion, use commas to separate words and word groups with a series of three or more.
My $10 million *estate is to be split among my husband, daughter, son, and nephew.
***Omitting the comma after son would indicate that the son and nephew would have to split one-third of the the experts: **

Thanks Kate!

Jay, quit fighting. You have lost, as determined by the editor, Ms. Kate.

Also, you are still wrong, b/c this in James’ post is a simple listing of states. It is impossible to generate the confusion you introduce b/c this is not even being used by James in any kind of sentence. Kate nailed it with the illustrations. Take your loss to the house.

When you see JaN C. Murray, let me know…

But here in the Florida, I work throughout St. Lucie**,** Martin**,** and Palm Beach counties… God only know what you do in Arkansas and Kansas.