Something for almost nothing to the first 25 people

Many of you have copies of my fill-able PDF 1802 form. More of you have asked for our fill-able PDF 4Pt. form, maybe even one with your own logo and click-able drop down boxes and click to insert pictures.

Now you can get them. The fill-able Modified Nachi 4Pt. form, Citizens Roof Inspection form and the 1802 form all customized with your Logo. With CLICK to INSERT Pictures!

How you ask? It is simple:

If you join or are currently a member of The Florida Home & Insurance Inspector’s Chapter
AND you:
Donate MORE than $50.00 dollars to fund our Legislative Affairs
Set up subscriptions for at least $5.00 per month to fund Legislative Affairs AND Nachi Nickels.

John and Greg will personally make you a set of fillable clickable forms with your own Logo, good for the first 25 people.

The chapter just wanted to show you all how much you are appreciated and give you something back for everything that you are doing to help the home inspection industry and your fellow inspector.

We will need your logo and company information. Logos should be *approx 350x200


Self serving bas tard!


Did it befor the offer btw

Good man, Preston Meeker and YES I am stalking you!

How can I use Nachi Management to exploit this situation? Im in the market for some rims for the F250

In the works! Thanks


I told Meeker we shouldn’t go to toco bell for lunch.

If that is the plan then I recommend staying away from Dennis Q!

Heard my name and rim job mentioned in the same thread - or something like that.

These forms are the best and I would recommend them to anyone doing these inspections. I currently use them and they are way above industry standard.

Dennis must be getting a cut, another self server!

Done…not much but it’s what I can afford at the moment.

Since I have Adobe Pro, I can do it myself and already have…about four months ago! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

The Durango needs brakes though…any offers?:mrgreen::mrgreen:

THANK YOU so much Tom!

Thanks Tom

Thanks Tom

Eric send me an exmple. Thanks!

Anytime…glad to help