Something is missing!

From this past week…

Please elaborate. I see a sloppy truss plate at 2:00

There is 2 missing gusset plates.

Can’t see that in the image…

You can see the missing gusset plates :wink:

You need to do better with your images…LOL!

You can see it in the first one too.

Show me!:smiley:


That is totally horrible images! Yep!:smiley:
Is GREEN where they are and YELLOW where they ain’t?


Yes! Look at the OP image it is the original. …the others are pics of the images on my phone.

WRONG! One cannot see what is not there. :razz:

What is the matter with you ? LOL!
I was workin’ Mr. Fetty and now you gave it away…:smiley:

Jeff, I enjoy your correction of a person’s use of their lexicon. :slight_smile:

Am I mistaken or did you borrow Frank Rotte’s *‘sarcastic font’ *for that comment? :-k


When I saw the OP pic I thought of the time we spoke about the FOAM! :smiley: