Something Jae can relate to


Droll fellow…

But I don’t know who those people are he’s talking about.

Over at the “home” we sit around 'til all hours of the night (sometimes past 9pm) gumming our Jello and Pablum–sometime milk toast–singing songs from the ‘90’s–like "Cruisin’ Down the River", “Casey Would Waltz with a Strawberry Blond”, The Old Spinning Wheel"–you know, the chart toppers from 1890"s.

Oh, but it do get wild sometimes. Like the time old man Bufford dropped his false teeth in the “john”–and he dove in after them!

The fire department had to pull him out with the plunger. (Those things got some pretty serious suction!!)

And the time Maudie couldn’t find her glasses. She was “putin’ the make” on the young telephone repairman.

Prollem was, without her glasses she didn’t know it was old Ebnezer’s pet Irish Setter she was messin’ with. You wouldn’t believe how far she got before we stopped her!!!