Something new on the forum or just me?

What is this coming up on the forum? I don’t have it at other sites.
See attachment.


Is this on your phone? I have never seen it before, but then I never access the mb from my phone, only my laptop or desktop.

I’m on my desktop.
When I click it I get this.

What MB version do you use? (Scroll down for dropdown window). Try another version and see if it is still there. I use “2008” or “Minimal”.

It’s just you :stuck_out_tongue:

Still there…
I’m gonna reboot.

I just tried “Current” and “2013” and “Experimental Mobile”… don’t see it, so Paul must be right… “It’s just you”!!!

Are you on WIN 8.0/8.1/10.0 ?? What browser??

I do recall on some Nachi website pages there is a popup window asking to you to answer survey questions. Perhaps that is what you are seeing, but it’s not opening.

It is how they keep track of Elves

He is special;-):stuck_out_tongue:

I heard Chris was developing a program for “stupid posts”. The message board automatically scans your previous posts and if it is determined you are too obtuse for the message board, this item pops up for you to post in. It makes you feel good and your messages always show up on your screen but nobody else can see them. :wink:

“Ed” :wink:

So it’s utilized in conjunction with the Emergency forum? :blank:

One can only hope…

And for student posts outside of the Student Discussion thread.

I was at and that is where I got this, but it won’t go away on the forum…
Screw all you friggi’ elf lovers…:D:D:cool:

I cleared the browser data and now it is gone…

Probably got it from some porn or special Redneck sites.

Daisy Mae Does The Barnyard
Hayloft Girls
Good Golly Miss Dolly
or Chicken Licken Good

Start erasing your history :mrgreen:

See. Now Chris’ program has to rebuild and compile more of your posts before it most likely appears again. :wink:

It’s part of Trump’s new internet “security” system, to help make America safe again. You better get used to it.

Shut Up ! LOL!